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Are We on the Road to Perdition?

The events of the past week should shake the most ardently complacent out of their stupor.

The Republic is in chaos. The decisions by the US Department of Justice demonstrate that some politicians are above the law. However, regular Federal employees were warned “not to try it.” These types of outcomes erode respect for the law.

Then, turning to the “shootings” around the country we see the resulting loss of respect for the law. 

Let’s look at how we got here.

After a successful war of succession the Founders established our constitutional Republic. Our representative Republic was the first in the history of mankind. It was and is, truly exceptional. The particular constitution the attended Bill of Rights and the amendment process make it, and the United States of America, truly exceptional. The entire history of the world had not seen such. However, slavery was one fly in the ointment which could not be resolved at the founding, but it was resolved as a by-product of the Civil War. True, there was a racial divide in our country from 1865 until 1964.

The Civil Rights movement and the resultant Civil Rights acts of 1964 resolved this remaining issue. Equal opportunity for all US citizens began here. Anyone, regardless of race, could use his GOD given ability and talents for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Thus the responsibility of the Government and society to “level the playing field” was fulfilled.

Enter President Lyndon B. Johnson and the great society programs telling us that we were not good enough and had to be “given” positions based on race, i.e. Affirmative Action. Right away this became a quota program with qualifications taking a back seat. Then the racial divide continued in a new suit. This created resentment among white people who were discriminated against and a dangerous sense of entitlement among many black people. Affirmative Action provided a new nucleus of polarization in our society. While most of us, black, white, and others, went along as the Founders intended. We carried the Republic forward and in our minds race was not an issue. The content of one’s character and the quality of one’s contribution to society were what mattered. Those who “clung” to the old hatreds were considered fringe and were to be ignored. This was our mistake.  

Race hustlers like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton were allowed to ply their trade with only quiet disapproval. Their television face time and media attention gave them and their vile message credibility for those who wanted something for nothing. The media and corrupt politicians got on board for votes and power. Mass media complied. All were gaining in this self aggrandizing scheme. We GOD fearing patriots were too passive in our criticism. There is blame for all concerned.

The wages of their scam and our inaction were paid out in Ferguson Missouri and Baltimore Maryland and most poignantly Dallas Texas. The “war on Cops” is not only wholly unwarranted, it will lead to total breakdown of Civil Order. The lies like “hands up don’t shoot” and other mischaracterizations of the facts promulgated by mass media are feeding this wildfire. People like President Obama and those who follow him provide fodder for the divisiveness. Most troubling to me is that many of these people, including the President, either weren’t born or were young children when this country under a Republican Congress and Senate passed the Civil Rights Acts.

So what should we do?

First let’s recognize the purpose of the instigators of the racial divide and the war on cops. They wish to subvert the Constitution and establish totalitarian control of the country. They have captured the minds of a large number of young people who by the work of the public school system do not know American History or even modern American History.  As part of his homily today at St. Laurence O’Toole Catholic Church, Father Dave Erickson noted Colson’s Law, first presented by Charles Colson of Watergate fame. It is predicated on four C’s: community, chaos, cops, and conscience.

Community and chaos are vertical opposites. Community is good, chaos is evil. They are opposed like enemies on a battlefield. Community is always on defense and chaos is always on offense. Cops and conscience are horizontal opposites of two goods. Cops and conscience complement each other. Conscience is likened to an inner cop which controls individual behavior through natural law. Natural Law states that anyone with the use of reason knows right from wrong. The founders noted that if our Republic was to survive, it would need the strong moral conscience of her people, especially those in public office. However, they were realists and understood the fallen nature of Man. Thus if the “inner cop” is not working, society would need the outer cop, the police, to preserve civil order.

We must turn to the solutions of our Founders. We must insist on politicians enforcing and upholding the Constitution. We must insist that our Judeo-Christian Values return to the public square. We in our individual lives must promote these values. And most importantly, we must turn to the Lord in Prayer.

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