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Talking Points for Radio Interviews

November 3, 2014

Talking Points for Radio Interviews

Here are a few reminders of the troubles facing Wyoming due to lack of Constitutional leadership:

Marriage: Marriage is an institution implemented and ordained by GOD.  The State should not be in the marriage business. Judge Skavdahl can rule our definition to be unconstitutional, however, he cannot order the state to do anything. Especially issue a license. This is the purview of the Legislature.

Ebola: There have been cases here and there around the country with high profile treatment and success for the most part. Does this reflect reality for the general public, or is it giving false security? Is every at-risk traveler self-monitoring and totally responsible? A nurse who returned to Portland Oregon from West Africa last Tuesday spiked a fever of 102 and was admitted.  No diagnosis yet. Who did she contact in her travels? There is no certainty about when a person begins to shed the virus and thus become contagious. Who has been exposed without knowing it?  Many hospitals are issuing statements about being ready to treat Ebola patients, but the general population has not received education about how to protect themselves from it, and avoid the need for hospitalization and the risk of spreading it further.

Refugee Resettlement Program: Despite the growing threat of Ebola, the Governor has not backed away from talk of establishing a Refugee Resettlement Program in Wyoming!

Wolves:  Federal Judge Amy Berman Jacksons’ ruling that returned Wolf management to the Federal Government was, and is, without jurisdiction and should be ignored by the state. Running back to Federal court is simply a way to appear to be doing something while
abdicating ones’ responsibility to stand up for the state. Taking a stand is much harder than filing a lawsuit, but some politicians are more worried about not making enemies inside the beltway.

EPA  “Waters of the United States”: This Sparks a debate over which waters the EPA can regulate or not. Once a State enters this debate we automatically lose, because the real debate is whether the EPA, a federal agency, has any authority to regulate anything within a State. Of course it doesn’t.

Coal:  Wyoming must choose it’s battles carefully. What should Wyoming do? Wyoming should facilitate the development of the full potential of coal. Climate change, greenhouse gasses etc. are not based on real science. CO2 is necessary for green plants and animals which feed us. CO2 has many commercial uses from soft drinks to dry ice.

Once we define the debate away from our Constitutional mandates we go farther away from common sense and logic, and from liberty to tyranny. Let’s move from the present argument to the cutting edge: Thorium reactors. One of our major Coal customers, China, is looking at this as well as Europe. Let’s not get left behind. Fly ash from coal fired power plants contain significant amounts of Thorium. Diesel, gasoline and plastics from coal are all being produced with established chemistry.

Driver License/REAL ID: All Wyoming citizens, regardless of how long they have lived in the state, must produce a birth certificate, and multiple types of identification including proof of residence before their drivers license will be renewed.  The new license is used as part of a federal identification and tracking program. 

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