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Governor Candidate Haynes Speaks Out As Wyoming Resident

Laramie, WY ---

Republican candidate for Governor, Dr. Taylor Haynes of Laramie, responded today to reports by several media outlets claiming that he is not a Wyoming resident. “This politically motivated attack has been designed by its perpetrators to confuse voters and is well-timed to coincide with the commencement of early voting.” Haynes said. “I have lived in Wyoming for nearly 35 years and during that entire time have not had a residential address in any other state.”

Haynes explained that he lived at his ranch in Laramie County until moving to Albany County in 2013. “The Albany County ranch does straddle the Wyoming-Colorado border, however, the contract for deed and the title for the ranch, including the residence, have a Wyoming address. All licenses, including driver’s licenses and license plates, taxes, utilities, registrations, fees, etc., are paid to Wyoming. There is no Colorado address in existence for the ranch and no road access to Colorado.” Haynes went on to say that every previous owner of the ranch throughout its long history in Wyoming has been a Wyoming resident, has voted in Wyoming, sent their children to Wyoming schools, paid taxes in Wyoming and been considered residents of Wyoming. “Why the rules would change for me, now that I’m a republican candidate for the office of Governor, is quite suspect.”

Haynes also explained that in addition to the ranch property, he maintains residential addresses in other Wyoming locations so he can maintain close proximity to his employee benefits business offices. “We’ve owned or leased homes in Worland, Cheyenne and Laramie where we’ve resided in order to manage the business that we purchased in 2010. Since consolidating the Laramie and Cheyenne business offices, we now hold one lease on an apartment in northeast Laramie.” He explained, “As a small business owner, we do what is necessary to build and grow the company and that means splitting time between the ranch business and the benefits business. Maintaining living quarters in town is a necessity because the ranch is approximately an hour’s drive from Laramie and can be inaccessible during winter months.”

Dr. Haynes expressed disapproval of the reports that have been published questioning his residency. “Some of the news outlets jumped on an unverified story that they received from an anonymous source using ProtonMail, a Swiss-based encrypted email service used by hackers and other dark web users who don’t want to be exposed.” Dr. Haynes declined to say who he believes to be responsible, “We have a very reliable source telling us where this came from, but our campaign is not joining in the mudslinging that’s happening between other candidates, even though I’ve now been targeted.”

The case is being reviewed by the Attorney General who assumed responsibility for a decision after it was initially submitted to the Secretary of State’s office. Secretary of State Ed Buchanan was campaign manager for Harriet Hageman before his appointment to the office.
Haynes’ is a constitutionalist who has been active in leadership positions in many local, statewide and national organizations, including twelve years on the University of Wyoming Board of Trustees. He has been a prominent member of the Republican Party, currently serving as Precinct Chair of District 45-2 Albany County. He served as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 2016 where Donald J. Trump was nominated.

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