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To Protect the Constitution

To Protect the Constitution

Taylor Haynes seeks to limit federal control and empower state and local governments
Gregory R.C. Hasman
May 9, 2018

Wyoming gubernatorial candidate Dr. Taylor Haynes speaks to residents at the Rock Springs Library on Wednesday evening. Haynes said if he is elected governor he would work hard to strictly adhere to the Wyoming and U.S. constitutions by reigning in federal power and bringing it back to the state.

ROCK SPRINGS — Self-described constitutional conservative and Wyoming gubernatorial candidate Dr. Taylor Haynes visited Rock Springs Wednesday.

“Why would a rancher want to give up his great life and become governor,” Haynes asked residents at the Rock Springs Library.

He replied that the state needs to do a better job at adhering to the Wyoming and U.S. constitutions and that includes giving more control to the state and local governments.

“Not only do I believe in the Constitution, but it is how our government should work,” he told the Rocket-Miner.

The Albany County Republican, rancher and former urologist met with senior citizens at the Young at Heart Center and later hosted a town hall meeting at the library.

Haynes is seeking to replace Gov. Matt Mead whose term expires in January. Other candidates to put their hat in the ring include Republicans Bill Dahlin, Foster Freiss, Sam Galeotos, Mark Gordon, Harriet Hageman, Rex Rammell and Democrat Mary Throne.

Haynes previously ran for the post in 2010 and 2014.

Rock Springs resident Tammie Orr and her husband John Orr supported Haynes in his 2014 bid.
“We think he’s a brilliant man with a wide, wide background,” she said.

Haynes addressed issues ranging from making changes to K-12 education to putting public lands into state hands.

Changes to K-12 education:

Haynes said there should be a couple changes made to K-12 education.

  • He proposes, with the help of the Wyoming Department of Education and legislators, the state use a voucher system. The program would allow parents to use public money to send their children to a private or religious school, according to the Associated Press. This brings in all options, private, public and charter schools and homeschooling, he said.
    “We need competition,” Tammie Orr said.
  • Establish a two-track system for students.
    After a high school student’s sophomore year in which they would have completed all the basic courses they would choose either to pursue a four-year college degree or a vocational career.


Haynes said he does not agree with the Economically Needed Diversity Options for Wyoming.

ENDOW is a 20-year blueprint to diversify the state’s economy.

“I don’t think the government can stimulate jobs,” he said. “The Wyoming Business Council is supposed to do the same thing and now we need ENDOW. I don’t agree with it at all.”

Instead of using its reserves to fund ENDOW initiatives the money could have gone to help local governments, he added.

Public lands:

The state should be in charge of all lands that came to Wyoming when it became a state except for national parks, which should remain managed by the federal government, Haynes said.

When asked about whether or not residents could lose access if the state takes over he said there would be multiple uses and people would have better access than they currently have.

He said he would ask the Legislature to come up with a bill creating a constitutional amendment that would insure the multiple use lands would remain in state hands.

The state could make about $1 billion in revenue from use of the lands. One-quarter to one-third would go to the general fund while the remainder would go towards the mineral royalties, he said.

Lowering taxes:

Haynes said if he is elected governor he would do what he can to make sure there is no income tax and any current taxes and fees do not go up.

“There’s a suite of things you don’t face everyday, but there’s someone who’s facing those things,” he said.


The state has been “a little bit complacent” regarding tourism. There are treasures across the state that need to be fully developed, searched out and upgraded, he said.

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