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I know Taylor Haynes to be a vastly intelligent, yet humble man. His life experiences cover many areas that will enable him to govern with wisdom and integrity. Dr. Haynes' love for Wyoming and its culture is endearing. He recognizes the need to build an economy using the natural riches of the land and the culture. With Dr. Haynes there will be no fear of becoming another overgrown, overblown, liberal Colorado. — Luanne Bakke

Doctor Haynes made an appearance in Wheatland, WY, (Platte County) this evening. The major endorsement I would like to make concerning him and what he had to say is that he is a very strong Constitutionalist and also a moral and religious man. — Debby Becker

I enjoyed our discussion at the cook-off in Chugwater. I also visited with other candidates. You have a clear and solid plan for Wyoming's future. You not only hear. — Elaine Brophy

I love his views and I voted the last time he ran. He is a man that does what he says! He has been a doctor in the medical industry and is a rancher. Both meaning a lot to me because he knows what’s up in the realms he is associated with and I believe he can offer a lot for Wyoming!! — Daneille Caldwell

We've known Taylor Haynes for many years. We don't expect any surprises outta him - he will do what he says he's going to do! There's no one better in the State of Wyoming. He's the man to get us back on track with the Constitution. — Glynn Collins

Heard him speak at a town meeting in 2010. Loved what he said/stood for. I Have my sign posted in the yard. Keeping fingers crossed - we need him. — Willy Darrow

Mr. Haynes is exactly the conservative leadership that Wyoming needs. — Gabriel Fernandez

Everything about this man speaks to me about what Wyoming's future has the potential to be! — Linda Fitzgerald

Dr Haynes is a dedicated constitutional conservative, and the nicest, most caring person you could ever encounter. His standings on the issues are very worth looking at. A vote for Dr Haynes is a vote for Wyoming's success. — Jessie Hetzler

Dr. Haynes is surely Wyoming's greatest "natural resource." He radiates personal warmth and strong faith. Taylor has a seemingly unlimited repertoire of ideas and command of the issues, as well as the gritty determination needed to make Wyoming greater than other candidates will ever dare to dream possible. — Michael Holland, M.D.

Taylor Haynes is from Wyoming, unlike other candidates, and knows the people and the state. His conservative values and religious beliefs and morals are in line with the people of this great state. Taylor Haynes is good for Wyoming and I endorse him for governor of the State of Wyoming. — Casey Kailey

I like the way Taylor is thinking on the Public Lands issue. — Mark Keiser

I support a constitutional Wyoming, and therefore stand behind Taylor Haynes as governor. — Devon Olsen

Mr. Haynes is all about WY. He understands the state’s agricultural issues because he is a rancher, it’s health care issues because he is a Doctor. He hasn’t just read or talked about it, he’s lived and worked here. He’s as honest and hard working as they come. — Heidi Reed

I endorse Dr Taylor Haynes for governor of Wyoming. He is the only true conservative running. — Brian Rushing

Dr. Haynes is truly a breath of fresh air in a time that our State needs a boost. Common sense ideas that if people would take the time to listen and understand a change is needed. Please give him a listen, what do we got to lose, other than our livelihood that we hold so near and dear to us as Wyomingites. Thank you and Go Dr Haynes! — Sean Schneidmiller

Dr Haynes has pledged to uphold the Constitution and state sovereignty. He also has pledged to oppose a state income tax and demand that Wyoming learns to live within its' means. — Dave Shimerka

Dr. Haynes appears to me to be genuine on all fronts. Less government, and more common sense. I would be very interested in attending additional meetings in which he was the speaker. — Jean Shiverdecker

I have been a supporter of Dr. Haynes for many years. I agree 100% with him on the issues we face as a state and his straight forward common sense solutions. We don't need another lawyer as Governor, we need someone who has worked for a living with their hands and understands what the rest of us go thru everyday. I believe him to be a man of the people who is honest and true to his word. — Frank Simcheck

Dr Haynes appears strong conservative convictions, believing in low taxes, a limited government, states rights and the constitution. — Richard Sloan

Taylor Haynes speaks to the concerns of everyday Wyoming Natives. Too many outsiders are moving into our great state and bringing their misguided views on what they think is best for Wyoming. These people move to Wyoming to escape the problems and poorly run governments of their respective states, but seems when they get here they want to change our culture to reflect the one they ran from in the first place. After reading the platform Dr. Haynes would run on, no doubt about it he’s got my vote, and most of the people around me. We need someone who isn’t scared to stand ground for us Wyomingites. — Reuben Spomer

I think Mr. Haynes is our best candidate for Governor of our beleaguered Wyoming. He is for States rights and he is a spending hawk. I fully endorse him. — John Sturtz

I went to the Wyoming GOP convention and had the pleasure of talking to all of the gubernatorial candidates present. I walked away thoroughly impressed by Dr. Haynes. In our state and in our country it is important to get back to our foundation and our constitution. Dr. Haynes' ideas are logical, practical, and constitutional. Dr. Haynes has my vote and I encourage Wyoming to support him on August 21st. — Harrison True

Mr. Haynes, I have endorsed you. — Johnathon True

Youth for Truth spent the last few months talking to Wyoming’s gubernatorial candidates and in doing so found one candidate that represented our values. Taylor Haynes vision for Wyoming was the same vision that Youth for Truth wants in a governor:

  • Welcoming Block-chain companies to Wyoming;
  • Keeping the Feds off the backs of Wyoming’s ranchers, energy companies and outdoorsmen;
  • Fixing our health care and VA system;
  • Giving control of the education system to the parents who love and know what is best for their children’s needs;
  • Protecting our constitutional values.

The future is bright for Wyoming with Taylor Haynes for governor. Youth for Truth proudly endorses Taylor Haynes for Governor and encourages you to vote for Taylor Haynes come August 21.

— Youth for Truth

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